What is ViciNOC?

ViciNOC is a stand-alone companion piece designed to compliment the popular ViciDial Open Source Call Center. The core objective of ViciNOC is to give IT staff the tools they need to properly and proactively manage their ViciDial server and network environment. The software used and its implementation is a best of breed approach based on the experiences of the ViciDial Group in maintaining it's vicihost.com hosted call center product.

What can it do?

ViciNOC will allow you to proactively monitor your network, servers, and carriers for potential issues. It will also give you advanced call control outside of ViciDial. The short list of capabilities is as follows :

When can I have it?

ViciNOC is currently in development but has reached an Alpha test phase. The individual softwares have been setup and succesfully tested. The final web interface and integration components are being worked on. We are seeking those who want to contribute to ViciNOC through either development, testing, or sponsoring the development of the project. Feel free to contact us at The ViciDial Group if you want to help with ViciNOC.